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A Few Words About Us

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Company History

The Pae family emigrated from South Korea in May of 1995 in the hopes of providing better opportunities for their family. As part of their Visa condition, they had to start a business, hire people within 2 years, and start paying taxes. They decided to buy an existing, one year old pet store called Paws & Claws Pantry. Three years later they changed the name to Natural Plus Pet Supplies, Ltd. On July 7, 2007 the store moved locations from 1644 Bridgman Ave. to its current location 1174 Marine Dr. In 2009 they decided to change the store’s name to Korna Natural Pet Supplies Ltd. At the same time Antony changed his name from John and Q changed his name from Kevin. Some of our longest term customers still come in asking for them by their previous names.

Company Philosophy

We believe that dogs and cats are healthiest when they eat whole, natural foods we would eat ourselves. These foods should be without fillers or by-products, artificial colours or flavours, additives or artificial preservatives. We have a wide variety of foods available in raw frozen, refrigerated, freeze dried, dehydrated, canned, and kibble.
We believe that our customers are concerned about making more healthful decisions about what they and their pets eat. It is our job to provide our customers with the healthiest options and the best service available.

Our Vision
Health and happiness for pets and their caregivers.

Our Mission
Providing exceptional customer service and products that contributes to health and wellbeing.

Our Core Values
Health, Happiness, Growth, Leadership

Our Core Focus
Provide the best options for pets to enhance quality of life.
Ourt Niche: Industry trend setter and educator of pet society.

Our Staff
Our staff has passion for animals and is dedicated to the wellbeing of pets and education of pet owners. We offer a wealth of information to our customers.

What We Offer

We have largest selection of raw food. We have biggest freezer space in the area as a pet food and supply store.

We offer extensive training program to our staff. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you to have perfect shopping experiences every time.

We offer unique product selection. We read all the ingredient list before we bring in to our store. You can choose anything with peace of mind.

Our Staff

  • Q Doh Pae

    My father and I started KORNA Natural Pet Supplies when we came to Canada in 1995. I moved on to…

  • Jennifer Mossman

    I enjoy walking, taking photos, and watching lots of movies in my spare time. I have one black domestic shorthair…

  • Kas

    I ‘m passionate about helping animals, travelling and music. I love working at Korna because I have met a lot…

  • Caitlind

    I love learning everything I can about pet nutrition, especially when it comes to my dog, Bailey. I try to…

  • Christina

  • Nick

  • Blair

  • David

    I am passionate about music. I love working at Korna because I know I am bettering the lives of our…

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