Facebook:Erica-May Blaney reviewed KORNA Natural Pet Supplies - Tri-Cities Ltd. — 5 star

I wandered in a few months ago for a cat collar and some treats. I was very impressed with their selection of natural food and treats—lots of local brands too—and their absence of (unhealthy) mainstream brands. .........Professional and helpful staff, plus they seem to genuinely care about pet health and well being here. I will definitely visit again next time I'm in the area!

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Now known as Korna Natural Pet Supplies. This place has THE best selection of biologically appropriate raw food for dogs and cats. Pretty much every type of meat imaginable, so if your pal has allergies or a sensitive stomach, you're good to go. Also a good selection of natural/higher quality kibble, and lots of great treats. .....

Chelsea S., http://www.yelp.ca/biz/korna-natural-pet-supplies-north-vancouver

Lisa Hutcheon 5 star Korna is an awesome pet **supply** store that doesn't sell any animals. They only sell pet supplies.
We are thankful for all of their support.

- Small Animal Rescue Society of BC

Lisa Hutcheon - Small Animal Rescue Society of BC, Webmaster

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