Freeze Dried/Dehydrated Pet Food

Freeze Dried or Dehydrated Pet food is closest product group to raw pet food. These products are light, natural, shelf stable products.

Freeze Dried Pet Food

Freeze dry process removes moisture from a food source under vacuum enviroment in freezing temperature. This process preserves protein structure intact since it involves no heat in the process. Therefore, the final product is closest to original food except water content. Low water content provides stability to the products.

Dehydrated Pet Food

Dehydrated food are dehydrated using gentle low-temperature air drying menthods. Air drying is the oldest form of food preservation. In ancient times, the sun was used to preserve vegetables, fruits, and meat. Air drying technologies are capable of producing food that retains nutrients like raw food; many of the world's top pharmaceutial and food companies use air drying tecnology to dry their often temperature-sensitive products.

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