Customer Loyalty Program

We would like to show our appreciation to our loyal customers by giving incentives for being a part of our KORNA family.

In order to serve you better, we have joined Vicinity Rewards. (

Very Important Pet Club (VIP)

¨ Every dollar spent equals one point. (excluding discounted items)

¨ You can decide your rewards

* Redeem 200 points for $8.00 off*

* Redeem 500 points for $25.00 off*

* Redeem 1000 points for $60.00 off*

¨ This means you will receive a 4%, 5% or 6% discount on all regular priced items, over time.

¨ You will also get gifts on your birthday through text messages

* Reward dollars have no cash value. Purchase subtotal must be greater than the reward value.

Frequent Buyer Program

¨ We track your purchase history in order to provide maximum savings

¨ With your VIP membership, you will be automatically signed up with any vendor’s frequent buyer program(s), such as buy 12 get 1 free.

¨ We will deal with the vendors on your behalf. – No messy paperwork for you!


Vicinity is the most widely used customer loyalty network for small and medium businesses in North America. It integrates with merchant POS systems to give consumers a single card to earn store-specific rewards across thousands of businesses

Do you have a mobile app?

The Vicinity app is available in both the Google Play and iTunes stores. Download our app to your mobile device to view your points available by location and search for other nearby Vicinity locations.

Can I use the same card at other locations?

Yes, your Vicinity card is universal and can be used at all partnering businesses. To see a list of businesses near you, visit the Find Locations page.

If I register my card, will I be spammed?

Just like you, we don’t like spam either. That’s why we give you full control over your information. You can opt-out of both text and emails entirely or by a specific business. We’ll never sell any customer information.
To opt out, go to and sign in with your email and password.
Click on your name in the top right corner.
Select “Email Options” or “Reward Options” to edit your Notification Settings.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Your information is stored on secure servers and encrypted for your safety.

If I forget to redeem a reward, do my points expire?

No. Your points will stay on your account. Your rewards will also be there until you choose to redeem them.

Do I always have to keep my Vicinity rewards card with me?

If you prefer not to carry a card, please don't. You can use your phone number to earn points and redeem rewards.

How do I see my points?

Sign in to your account at Or download our app on your mobile device to view your points earned.

How do I know if I earned a reward?

We’ll notify you in one of the following ways depending on your preference:

Text: If you registered your rewards card to your mobile phone number, you'll receive a text.

Email: If you registered your rewards card online using a valid email address, you'll receive an email.

In person: If we can't reach you by email or text, we will tell you that you have a reward available during your next visit.


Referral Program

Bring us new customers and earn extra points

¨ Write your name and phone number below.

¨ Give this to your friend to bring to KORNA on their first visit.

¨ When your friend makes their first purchase, we will match their purchase points onto your rewards.

¨ This means you will get your VIP reward sooner!

¨ Your friend will also receive 50 additional points on their initial purchase.

¨ It’s Win-Win!



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